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Discover and connect with verified hosting facilities. Compare terms, view real-time performance data, and secure the ideal spot for your mining operations quickly and confidently.

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Showcase your hosting services to a vast network of miners. Benefit from increased visibility and easy client matching through our comprehensive platform, powered by real-time insights.
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For Miners

Search hosting facilities and find your perfect match.

Features for Miners


Search for hosts based on location, energy costs, minimum order quantity, and uptime rating.
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Review Verified Hosts

Access detailed host profiles with comprehensive data from Foreman's monitoring, and compare for perfect fit based on real-time performance and terms.
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Select & Connect

Choose a host that meets your mining needs and connect directly through our platform to discuss hosting arrangements.
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For Hosts

Get matched with miners looking for hosts.

Features for Hosts

Join and Get Verified

Apply to join!
Then install Foreman to allow for real-time monitoring and verification.
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Set Your Terms

Detail hosting terms, including energy rates, minimum order quantities, and specific deal requirements, to ensure transparency and engage miners with updated profiles.
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Receive and Host Miners

Get matched with miners and host confidently through OBM’s transparent marketplace platform.
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Why Choose OBM's Hosting Hub?

Insights into Action: Turning Data into Mining Success Stories



Real-time, verified data on host performance and miner health.


Each host is thoroughly verified through Foreman, ensuring reliability and uptime visibility.


A streamlined process to connect miners with the best hosting facilities.


Anonymous profiles protect both miners and hosts while providing all necessary data to make informed decisions.

Start with OBM's Hosting Hub today and master your mining & hosting experience with just a few clicks.

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